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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  November 9, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> probably should have been more aware of the county's issues but i was building a tree for it. i never thought about permits as a issue. >> reporter: bea sides building in 100 foot critical area, the tree house exceeds size and height restrictions. nt the county is concerned about safety. >> it's a public safety issue. we have building codes in place as a matter of public safety, and if anything happened and a neighbor kid fell out it would be a big deal. >> i understand their point of view. there's the rules. >> reporter: so cheg is -- craig is not sure where he will go. he has to wait for a response from the county permit department and if he has to tear it down, they say he might need a permit for that. in pasadena, don harrison for abc2 news. here's look at the top stories a west baltimore man is charged with animal cruelty after police say he shot his dog with a shotgun.
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35-year-old stanley coleman said he shot his bull mastive because it was fighting his other dog a. husky. mastive alive was laid on a pile of garbage and bleeding. they found emace aid pit bull dead in crate. mastive died and the husky was seized by animal control. governor o'malley is work hard to end childhood hunger by 2015 and celebrated the two- year anniversary of teaming with up act advice and community groups and food programs to find children at risk of hunger. the administration says last year more than 200,000 children in the state didn't get enough to eat. the city of annapolis wants to rebillet build the front yard and wants your help to do it . there will be a soaries of round tables to figure out a way to breath new life into the city dock for the next two days, the urban land institute will be going around the city to come with up suggestions for using the land. city leaders say they want to make better use of the space downtown and encourage economic
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development. the first meeting tonight is going on right now at city hall. if a weather wise, fantastic day -- >> weather wise, fantastic day. temperatures around 606789 many spots in the upper 50s and great looking weather. a little breezy at times. look at some of the wind gusts we recorded today at our excluesive -- exclusive weathernet sites. we find 21-mile-per-hour peak gusts in hanover. gusts as high as 24 today in annapolis and 28 as high as 28 in northeast. yeah, that gust will catch your attention. temperatures now cooling off. we are in the low to mid-50s out there back through centreville, and i want to show you the satellite trend. crystal clear in the skies. the rest of the evening will be pretty pleasant out there. 50s and movesly clear. actually relatively mild. but we will look for more sunshine through the week, and towards the weekend, a nice look scenario. we break it down coming up.
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rosie. >> more chilling details about what elizabeth smarten dured in her second day of testimony. she told jurors she was not supposed to be brian david mitchel's last wife. diana has more from l.a. >> reporter: his attorneys say brian david mitchell is mentally ill. on tuesday being elizabeth smart testified otherwise. she told jurors mitchell was planning another abduction. elizabeth watched him pack his bag with the same rope and knife he used to kidnap her. he said he was going to try the same way he kidnapped me she said and he would take her back up into the canyon. the attempt was unsuccessful as was a later one in san diego. elizabeth calmly explained how mitchell raped her repeatedly forced another drink alcohol and smoke marijuana. they made several trips into salt lake city to go to a rave party to steal from stores and on one occasion to visit the library. it was the closest she said she got to being rescued. a police officer asked her to
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remove her veil but mitchell said the religion forebid him from doing so. i was made didn't say anything she said i felt terrible the detective hadn't pushed harder and just walked away. she said mitchell said it was a sign they needed to go to san diego. there, he forced another look at a hustler magazine while drinking. she said she threw up and mitchell forced her to lie in her own vomit. while in california, he showed her a newspaper photograph of her parents. as she look at it, elizabeth said he asked if she was surprised they hadn't given up hope of finding her. elizabeth told jurors she kept a safety pin in a piece of her tennis shoe as a way to hold onto her old life. mitchel's attorney will cross examine her tomorrow. abc news, los angeles. looking at news around the nation starts in wisconsin. a possible gas explosion early this morning reduced a house to rubble. one man was killed and another man and woman were seriously
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hurt. authorities believe the explosion was caused by natural gas. it's not the kind of cruise they had in mind. a carnival cruise line ship with 4500 passengers on board had to be towed slowly to the mexican port after a fire in the engine room knocked out power yesterday. the fire is out but the ship has no air conditioning or hot water. people are getting bottled water, cold food and refund. they are expected to arrive in the port no sooner than tomorrow night. you heard the line, my dog ate my homework. for a man in seattle, it's a case of my dog ate my cash. bill's dog gobbled up hundreds of dollars meant to ben fate youth soccer club. envelope had 1500 dollars from a soccer fund-raiser and the dog ate almost all of it. >> it must have been a great smell, but he reached his nose up and in fact he had to put his paws up on the dresser to get it, grabbed the envelope. >> the 5-year-old lab shepherd mix did his best to bury the new treasure by but they recovered
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a few hundred dollar. he ate 300 in cash and 900 worth of checks and he is promising to make good on the losses but asking soccer parents who paid by check to send a replacement. tis the season for scamers to get your cash. how to avoid being a target for holiday crooks. and if you are thinking about shipping your gifts this year, choose your shipping service wisely. a look at one you may want to avoid. can'tly at aberdeen it's 52. wyatt -- currently at aberdeen, it's 52 degrees. wyatt has a look at the forecast coming up. look at all the toyota's for sale. let's go with... i'm selling my toyota rav4. do you know anything at all about the escape? it's a nice light blue color. much like my eyes. my goodness, it's true.
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stocks are closing lower thanks to gains in the dollar against other can't sigh. dow jones is do you 60 and nasdaq is down 17 and is the and p500 down nearly 10. in tonight's consume are alert, fishing, stripping and scamming with holiday shopping about to kick into full gear. it can be the season for giving to scamers if you are not careful. karin caifa has details on two scams to look out for. >> reporter: holiday shopping is serious business. and many stores are off to a head start. but before you get going at the mall or online, don't let scamers steal the spirit of the season. gift card are gifts made easy
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but when they are stripped, they can can leave you with little to nothing i'm cording to consumer reports, scamers use a cheap hand-held scanner to read the car strip so one the card is loaded they have all they need. they can call the 800 number on the back of the card to find out the balance and spend it before a recipient does. gift cards on grab and go racks are the most you will have ncial toe stick with card at or behind the register. and no doubt you heard of fishing. e-mails that look like they are from your credit card company or retailer or shipping company during the busy holiday season. now be on the look outis for more smirking the scam arrives via text messaging or sms short message service. you're giving a number to call about your order or account where you're bathed into giving up a number, password or other sensitive information. for consumer watch, i am karin caifa. >> five couples and ten dancers in triple 10s. there was a war of word we will
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look at a night to remember at one of the nation's most popular dancing competition. guess which one? and super mario gets a new road to travel. one city dedicated a street to the video game character he. ♪
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2009. getting ready to ship gifts tort holiday season -- for the holiday season? you may need to see this next story before that. john mat arease -- mattar ease warns roy you. >> reporter: it's almost the holiday season where most us will ship something to someone out of town. i want to warn you about a long time shipping service that in the high tech world you might want to avoid. >> reporter: genie spent a lot of time and money putting together a care package for her niece's family. stationed at remote montana military base and trying to get by on a serviceman's salary. >> they were very well packed and taped. >> reporter: she says she filled two boxes like this with clothing and shoes and shipped it at post office via parcel post. that was the last anyone saw of the boxes. >> i am heart broken. we spent so much time packing love into it. >> reporter: she says they disappeared in route.
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>> so much love that never got there is more disappointing than the 63 dollars i spent. >> reporter: the receipt shows the 26 and 37 dollars she spent shipping the boxes parcel post when the packages infer arrived after two months she called the local post master to learn they can't be tracked. >> he said because parcel post is not a trackable product. >> reporter: did you know that? >> no. >> reporter: a postal service spokesman says the clerk should have encouraged her to purchase insurance which cost as little as $3 for $200 worth of merchandise. but it confirms parcel post which dates back to the 1800s cannot be tracked and recommends anyone sending an important box use priority mail which is just few dollars more but is trackable. unfortunately it's too late to help genie's family. parcel post continues to perform a useful service and it's the cheapest way to ship but in this day when we expect to be able to track everything, you might want a different service of sending important valuables.
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don't waste your money. john matarese. >> well, forget piling up are plate with food. a survey shows american families plan to scale back the thanks giving festivity this year because of economic reasonsch average cost of the thanksgiving dinner for family of 10 is 43 bucks nearly double what it was back in 1987. to save money, families say they will dine with the immediate family only and stick to a budget this year. good luck with that one. gray and christmas says this holiday hiring season is off to a strongest start since 2006. retail payrolls add more than 150,000 jobs last month. that's three time the number of positions add a year ago. competition for the jobs will be stiff as unemployment is at 9.6%. all aboard. catch a ride on the holiday favorite backed by popular demand. polar express 4d experience rolls into town next week. it's based on the children's book by chris alwaysberg and
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it's the story of a young boy and a journey to the north pole. show time kicks off on november 13th. shows run daley periodically from 10 a.m. to -- daily periodically at 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the aquarium. >> gl now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherrat. >> how about doppler 4d weather. >> yeah. >> when you think 3-d is off the rate. >> what's the 4th d? you smell it. >> i have been down there and the 3d version you get the sense of the flakes flying at you. it's pretty cool. rosie, i tell you, is it dark enough for you this. >> yeah, looking at the picture outside you hate driving home. >> we get someday light past five but it's gone by 5:45 or so. look outside and you see it. yeah. dark. completely. and days are going to get shorter rosie. how is that? yeah. another month of it getting
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dark earlier. but anyway, 57 right now in windor northwest -- wind are northwest at -- winds are northwest at 8. we like to see the pressure on the rise which means good weather is headed our way. we had good weather out there today. look at this. northeast, looking over the chesapeake waters, finding just about nothing but sunshine out there. you know we had a storm offshore pretty look sunset. you have to say we had a storm offshore today, sent very few cloud into the state. ear in ocean city it's hard to make out any details from that big circulation offshore. but we will show you in a second on the satellite trend off east coast. gust now relatively stout today. 18 centreville. wind died off now. they are about 5 miles per hour. current air temp in the low 50s at the weathernet sites. statewide, highest wind at dulles at 13. temperature wise, highest reports south of the virginia
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line from dull tows winchester, low 60s. it was a struggle to get out of the 50sin many spots. annapolis, cambridge, georgetown, never out of 50 out of the upper 50s. and as we look ahead to tomorrow, bowie through an a list, low 60s are the story. we will see a lot of sunshine again. probably a little less breezy tomorrow. then we will take you over to the eastern shore. oxford lots of sunshine 61. chester with a little more bay breeze you are looking at 59 in chester. satellite radar trend clear across the state and mid at lant atlantic. we have been watching the large circulation offshore. but it's weakening and moving steadily south and east further away. so not really having an impact. and dry weather and high pressure continues to push in over the next couple days here. so it really gets sunner and drier and nicer from here. a few clouds possible tomorrow. not much. on veteran's day, thursday, abundant sunshine. very little wind and temperatures above 60. it's going to be fantastic as
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we pay tribute at all the parades and other veteran's day events across the state. overnight tonight, down to 39 mostly clear with a cool breeze tomorrow. i am talking about rosie with the cool breeze thing tomorrow. 62. and nice and a few clouds and tomorrow night down to 40 or so. 7-day forecast again the trend for more of the same. i mean, days of it. lows right around 60 we will say. sunshine throughout the rest of the week no the weekend. and next chance for rain coming in monday and into tuesday. rosie. five couples ten dance and the night turn out to be a standing ovation after another. the fans cheered but they booed. we witnessed a war of words and we were wowed by triple 10s. we have an electric night on the dance floor. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: in the instant
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dance category they got music minutes before they danced and jennifer gray and her partner got triple 10. first perfect 10s of the season. >> yes, we did. i believe we did. >> i can't believe it. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: and the quick step and they tied for first with the judges with randy and her part -- brandi and her partner who waltz to 29 and got 28 and a little criticism for the choreography in their instant cha-cha. >> he did more dancing than you did. >> then -- >> kurt isn't a singer. >> don't worry about it. >> why would she be penalized for my mistakes. i will take the fault but why does she need to talked at and down toe and kerry ann has been at our throat for the last two weeks and it's a enough of it. >> i take the blame. >> good i am glad you do. >> reporter: one point behind the leaders kyle and lacey. after 27 for the waltz the instant jive got an almost perfect 29. >> what more can we ask for?
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>> you know, you were not expecting the scores because we never get those scores. >> yeah. >> but it was awesome and well deserve seres. >> reporter: kurt and his partner land in 4th triple #s for both dances. -- triple 8 st for both dances. -- triple 8s for both dances. >> you feel good the audience are saying they deserve better he and it makes you feel good. >> reporter: one point behind them bristol palin and mark. he was not happy with the judge's marks for their two dances. >> maybe she is lacking a little bit in personality so it was the best thing she's done so why didn't you give me a good score for everything else. >> reporter: mark is angry bristol. >> very protective of me. very protective. i am glad he is. >> reporter: for abc news. >> well a major opening in hollywood tonight folks according to hugh jackman turned down a offer to host the academy awards.
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he hosted two years ago and had rave reviews and he will be shooting the next x-men installment when the award show airs. last year steven martin and alec baldwin shared duties. they were terrible. no word on who is in the running this year. and another big honor for tina fey award the mark twain prize by the john f. kennedy center for the performing arts. it goes to the artist who made significant contributions to the world of american comedy and she will be honored tonight at kennedy center. jennifer hud op and betty white are a few of those expected to perform. coming up new at 6, making the move from military life to civilian world can be tough especially when it comes to finding a job. we will go to a career fair that gave special attention to the men and women who served our country. plus, we have heard about complication that is can spring from obesity like diabetes and
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prove it. enough's enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding, guaranteed. d-con. get out. now no it's not halloween but it's celebration of that guy, mario. a neighborhood in spain named one of the streets super mario in honor of the cartoon plumber.
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people supported the fake black matches and mascot danced to the theme song. that's kind of how they did it all day. others planned roads in the neighborhood will be named for sonic the hedgehog and space invaders and legend of zelda. annapolis wants you to help redesign the front door to the city. that story and wiate full forecast coming up -- wyatt's full forecast coming up on abc2 news at six starting right now. now, abc2 news at six. well, and alleys wants to redesign a front door and they want the public's help doing it. good evening i am kelly swoope. first of two meet somethings going on right now tonight in annapolis. it started at 5:30. the city is trying to redo the dock and this is the procorrect where they want -- project where they want input from the city. roosevelt leftwich covered the story and we saw him at 5:30 and he is back with morep. >> reporter: well, think -- shall more. ep


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